Field of Thrifty Finds

Information on thrifty shopping in and around Albuquerque

I’m a mother to an awesome little boy and we share our home with a cat and a dog. I have a full time job as an environmental scientist and volunteer at the library.  And…I love bargains and collecting.  I collected My Little Ponies as a kid and started collecting them again in college when I found eBay and other auction sites.   My MLP and Care Bear collections are now huge, but were put into storage when we needed to make room for a nursery.  I still enjoy collecting toys from the 80’s both for my own collection and to resell on eBay.  I also hunt for bargains outside of toy collecting, especially everything for my son and clothes and household items for me on craigslist, garage sales, thrift stores, and local children’s resale shops.  There are many sites out there where you can search for all of these places individually, but I wanted to put together a local site that compiled all of these ways to shop and save money.  I’ve also included a few ways to earn money, namely through holding garage sales and joining a few online sites to earn points for cash.

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Enjoy the site and happy bargain hunting!