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Goodwill and eBay

Posted by [email protected] on September 6, 2011 at 11:20 AM

First, my business cards finally arrived in the mail.  I bought a postal scale off eBay a few weeks ago and paid for it entirely with the money I earned off  Honestly, I have never sold anything on eBay; I've only been a buyer.  I used to sell on Yahoo! auctions, but never on eBay.  I posted the Smurfs lunchbox for sale on eBay this weekend.  My son and I went to Goodwill on Labor Day and came away with an armful.  He picked out a $0.59 Backyardigans book and a $2 big Thomas the Tank Engine bouncy ball with a handle for him to bounce on it.  We also found him a pair of Cars slippers for $1.  I got a pair of Earth Spirit sandals for $5.  They are comfy and retail for $20+ at stores. I found a 25th Anniversary Care-A-Lot Care Bear with a silver nose and feet for $1. It even has a partial tag. His nose is a bit dirty, but I'll work on that and get it on eBay. Some are selling for $20 on eBay. My son picked up a pretty cute monkey for $2. It wasn't until we got home that I realized it is a Build-a-Bear monkey. Perfect! The neighbor's grandkids had those bears around this summer and he wanted a monkey like the grandson had. He didn't seem too interested in actually making one, so this is perfect. Those bears sell for $8-20 and more at the store.  Here is a pic of the stuffed animals and shoes...

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